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a website dedicated to American actor/writer/director/producer Stephen Nichols. Best known for his varied roles on daytime television, Stephen has just returned to his iconic role of Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson on the daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Stephen also played the parts of uber-tychoon Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as The Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dr. Skylar Cates on the cancelled SANTA BARBARA. Stephen has also appeared in films and in episodic television such as CRASH, THE NANNY, EMPTY NEST, SECOND CHANCES, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, RENEGADE, WITCHBOARD, & THE PHOENIX. This is strictly a fan site and NOT Stephen's official site. This site has a strict no paparazzi policy and will not publish photos of Stephen during his private time.

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I had a little problem with my recording device. For some reason it just would not engage in the USB port on my computer. If didn’t know better, I’d swear the whammy was put on me…..

Well, I’m at a loss to explain the current behaviour from our resident uber-gazillionaire. This whole storyline with Diane (Maura West) feels totally out of left field. It’s as if when West signed, the powers that be decided to throw her at Stephen and see if anything sticks, while in the process, ruining one of the brightest lights THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has shone in a long time. What I loved about Tucker is that he knew what Ashley had been through with Adam (Michael Muhney), Victor (Eric Braeden) and the loss of Faith. The courtroom scene where Vance Abrams (Eric Roberts) laid Ashley bare and Tucker gave her that space she said she needed, has become tainted by West’s sudden casting. As some have been saying on some message boards, this does not bode well for Stephen or Tucker if they’re suddenly turning this reliable guy, into this cheating arse. Because that’s how it’s appearing. And it’s not like I don’t understand the very fluid nature of soaps, it’s just this does not look good at all.

ETA @ 10:07 PM: I forgot to add, the video embed here, the episode with Tucker and Diane icky sex, is the 100th video added to our media site, RENEGADE MEDIA. Never thought we’d get there.

  • [ 566 ] SCREENCAPS: 10/15/2010 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 10/15/2010 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

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6 Responses to “10/15/2010 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS MEDIA”

  1. Rachel says:

    At least, or you cut it, didn’t have to watch them making out! And like I said, ALL DIANE!!

    I do like Maura Wests haircut. It’s amazing to see the soaps pick up all the cancelled shows actors.

    • stephen nichols online says:

      Exactly. It was all Diane. Tucker I think was just playing with her a bit. Though the one thing that I think can be used to explain what was going on with Tucker is that he and Ashley aren’t really exclusive….yet! This maybe what it’s going to take to make Tucker realize how much he does love Ashley.

      I don’t know, I’m not that fond of short haircuts. I prefer long hair. I didn’t like Tamara’s hair when she first came to GH, but I absolutely love it now. It’s down to the middle of her back. I love Tracey Bregman’s hair as well as Lauralee Bell’s and Trica Cast’s. I also loved Stephen’s hair as Steve this past little bit around. I love how he looks here with Tamara:–_07092008_The_Dynamic_Effect001.jpg . I don’t like it when they plaster his hair down as Tucker, with that sweep across his forehead. He’s been on long enough now that they can allow him to relax a bit on the mousse. LOL!!! But hey, that’s me. I like longer hair.

  2. Rachel says:

    YES!!!! LOVE both their hair in that picture. Even on GH there was a time where poor Stefan looked terrible, his hair was in a very sad state. His hair is long but has order, you know?

    I love long hair but short looks better on me, guess that’s why I like the cut lol.

    And I will have to agree, I hate it when they put younger actors in roles that should go to a more mature looking woman. Someone who looks like she was with Jack.

    • stephen nichols online says:

      I just loved them together period! I love that both Tamara and Stephen looked a little Bohemian. Very nice. And which time was that with ‘poor’ Stephen’s hair? If I remember correctly, when he first came on GH, I was very much amazed at how good he looked, shirt on or off….er, um hair problem.

      I have kind of thin hair, but keep it long anyway. I refuse to give into people who keep saying, “Oh, but it would look so nice short.” Ugh!

      As for Maura, I’m sure she’s a nice woman and she won the Emmy for best actress this year even considering that ATWT was going off, but she’s hardly old enough to look like she has a son Kyle’s age, and have been within Paul/Andy/Lauren’s age range. Impossible. Susan Walters looked a lot like Alex Donnelley, but Maura is kind of like the Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other….”

  3. Rachel says:

    When Stefan was involved with Chloe, he kidnapped her but made it seem like they were hostages and man did he need some hairspray or something. He wasn’t as strict in his hair wearing as he was. I guess that’s the difference. He let it go.

    You know what really pisses me off with younger character, those not on shows for long, put the older more scheming characters in their place making a fool of them. Seen it too many times on All My Children and Nik enjoyed doing it to Stefan. Grrr always irritates me, I like even stevens in that department.

    • stephen nichols online says:

      Rachel, sorry I haven’t been here to answer. I have another website ( I had to get some updates done on. There were some clips I needed to get done and uploaded to the site’s media site.

      Now, I happened to like those scenes with Stefan and Chloe. And I hate it when the hair people for soaps plaster hair down with tons of hairspray. I hate it everytime they do it on Y&R with Stephen. It looks unnatural. I love it when Stephen’s hair can just fly freely. That’s why I loved his return to DOOL this past time. He looked ‘mahvelous’. That ‘Samson-like’ look he had……. Yum! All I can say about Stephen is, “Let it go baby!”

      I hate it when younger characters or characters that aren’t of high ethical conduct like Sonny Corinthos on GH get to wave the leaves of morality in front of others who are good and decent. I really hate it on GH how the law enforcement like Mac Scorpio are being made to look like idiots when they can’t take down a chump like Sonny. And I also hate it when mouthy little arses like Abby gets to stand there and tell Victor off. Victor’s earned the right to tell people off, Abby hasn’t. And for her to be so judgemental of Tucker when she’s stipped how many times now? I agree about the ‘Even Steven’ department. I hate an imbalance of power. That’s why I’m loving Victor and Adam. Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney are so good in their scenes together because they’re equal in all aspects. Same with Stephen and Eric. I love and adore those scenes.

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