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a website dedicated to American actor/writer/director/producer Stephen Nichols. Best known for his varied roles on daytime television, Stephen has just returned to his iconic role of Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson on the daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Stephen also played the parts of uber-tychoon Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as The Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dr. Skylar Cates on the cancelled SANTA BARBARA. Stephen has also appeared in films and in episodic television such as CRASH, THE NANNY, EMPTY NEST, SECOND CHANCES, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, RENEGADE, WITCHBOARD, & THE PHOENIX. This is strictly a fan site and NOT Stephen's official site. This site has a strict no paparazzi policy and will not publish photos of Stephen during his private time.

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STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE @ is a website dedicated to the work of American actor Stephen Nichols. I am in no way affiliated with his person, his management, nor his family. All content, except otherwise noted, is copyrighted to their original owners and no infringement is intended and no rights implied. Content contained within are subject to fair use and used here either in whole or in part as a commentary on the work and career of Stephen Nichols.

December 27, 2010

I know I haven’t gotten Stephen’s last few appearances up on Y&R and I’m sorry for that. Over the past few days during the Christmas Holidays, I’ve been deciding whether to continue with this site. I’ve been accused of saying that I was Stephen’s official site, something of which I’ve never done, but the taint is there. I love what I’ve built here and what I still have as yet to add but being more or less told time and time again that this site isn’t ‘worth it’ due to many things that have happened the last couple of months is making me wonder if there is a place here for this site. I’ve paid a lot for my resources including pictures and articles and being accused of something I haven’t done just sort of….well, leaves a bitter taste. Not for Stephen, but for those who have accused me. And I haven’t even received an apology. I know how that all sounds, but for me it’s all about the reasons I put this site up to begin with. It was to celebrate Stephen’s career and his projects, never to be competition. Never. And to Sherry at Stephen’s official site, there was never a time when I ever called this site Stephen’s official site. Even on the many message boards I’ve posted to regarding Stephen, I have always directed fans to Stephen’s official site and included mine as a companion FAN site and only that. And nowhere on the web will you ever find I have.

If you have some feedback as to why I should keep this site online and I’ll make the final decision in the new year. For the time being, I’ll work to get up the last little bit of Stephen for 2010 into the gallery and the media section. Sorry for the delay on that.

Yours, Dianne

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2 Responses to “CONTINUING …..”

  1. Deb W says:

    You know what? Don’t you mind your detractors, as there will always be those who, for whatever reasons, have a “bad hair day” and decide to make others feel bad. IGNORE THEM. There is no taint on this site, Dianne, as far as I am concerned. You run a classy site, and it is a testament of hard work and dedication you have accomplished for quite some time. Don’t let that sacred pool be pissed on….okay? Of course, the final decision is yours, but I would miss it!

    • stephen nichols online says:


      Thanks for your support. Yes, I’m pissed at what has happened. I think what bugs me the most is that I’ve done nothing to warrant this. It all came from out of left-field…that’s what has me stymied. I have no idea what happened to make Sherry feel as if I’d ever said that I’m Stephen’s official site. It’s silly. I think for me it’s just that I felt as if all my work was for nothing. Yes, I have to admit I was hoping Stephen would see it and perhaps make a comment here, but all in all it’s just so….well….stupid.

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