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a website dedicated to American actor/writer/director/producer Stephen Nichols. Best known for his varied roles on daytime television, Stephen has just returned to his iconic role of Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson on the daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Stephen also played the parts of uber-tychoon Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as The Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dr. Skylar Cates on the cancelled SANTA BARBARA. Stephen has also appeared in films and in episodic television such as CRASH, THE NANNY, EMPTY NEST, SECOND CHANCES, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, RENEGADE, WITCHBOARD, & THE PHOENIX. This is strictly a fan site and NOT Stephen's official site. This site has a strict no paparazzi policy and will not publish photos of Stephen during his private time.

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Can I say how much I truly do hate Kayla (Mary Beth Evans)? I’m just going to say it, I hate Kayla Brady. I’m not even going to use Steve’s last name because quite frankly, she doesn’t deserve it. What she said to Steve today was unconscionable. Yeah, I know all the “yadda yadda” about Steve left her and she didn’t know why or where he was going, but let me say this, how many times have Steve and Kaylas been in the thick of it, yet no one bailed? And certainly there wasn’t this amount of enmity. Then the cutter Kayla issued in telling Steve to stay away from their son Joey (James Lastovic). What a bitch. I’m hoping this whole note thing is a prelude the return of Emmy Award Winner Tamara Braun as our resident Mob Princess Ava Vitali. Yeah am I hoping old flames are rekindled? You’re fucking right!

  • [319] SCREENCAPS: DAYS OF OUR LIVES – 11/09/2015

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2 Responses to ““Days of our Lives” 11/09/2015 Screencaps ….. The Kayla’s In That Time of the Month Edition”

  1. Odyssey says:

    Oooooooh….lolol…dem’s fightin’ words! Poor Mary Beth Evans, but then she’s a great team player. lol. But I understand your point, she (Kayla) is being kind of ridiculous when she knows or should know by now, Steve/Patch would and has given everything to those he loves. Seeing her brother alive like that, it was more like ‘oh you’re here’ instead of OMG< OMG you ARE alive…etc.! Ah well, guess the soap writers kind of get lost in that corn-maze sometimes, lose track and all those cliches when it comes to storylines and characterizations. Then again, I suppose it is a flimsy attempt to roll out the carpet for a competitor for Steve's affections. Enter the Queen *V* herself, Ava! Hurry up already, get the games going! 😉

    • stephen nichols online says:


      I don’t care. I’m not liking Kayla this time around. I can give Kayla a modicum of wiggle room, but her comments today just made me so mad. She was definitely mean to Steve and her telling him to stay away from Joey was just so Bitter Betty. And I agree about her being a bit dismissive of Bo’s return. While she did embrace him, she sure didn’t do anything more than just sort of say “Hi” and then said they’d talk later, almost as if she had just talked to him the other day. As far as the corn maze, these writers are the old writers from a couple of years ago. There is no reason or sense to how they had Kayla react. If this is the red carpet roll out for Ava’s return, bring it on. I said this on a message board if they’re going to make Steve go dark side, then I say make it happen. Get him back with Ava and let him bring out the old Steve. Loved your comment about “Queen V”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Perfect.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for coming back.


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