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a website dedicated to American actor/writer/director/producer Stephen Nichols. Best known for his varied roles on daytime television, Stephen has just returned to his iconic role of Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson on the daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Stephen also played the parts of uber-tychoon Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as The Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dr. Skylar Cates on the cancelled SANTA BARBARA. Stephen has also appeared in films and in episodic television such as CRASH, THE NANNY, EMPTY NEST, SECOND CHANCES, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, RENEGADE, WITCHBOARD, & THE PHOENIX. This is strictly a fan site and NOT Stephen's official site. This site has a strict no paparazzi policy and will not publish photos of Stephen during his private time.

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So both Steve and Bo (Peter Reckell) finally got away, though we didn’t see how they broke their chains. Me guesses somewhere along the line back to Victor’s (John Aniston) plane they managed to find either a good bolt cutter or the key to those very heavy and serious looking padlocks. The title of the post refers to of course the Victor Hugo hero of Jean Val Jean in the epic story Les Miserables. Love to hear Stephen pronounce that one. Though I feel it would sound a lot like La Liaison Dangereuse (pssst, Stefan Cassadine reference). Also for you, Stephen as well as Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans), Galen Gehring (Rafe Hernandez), Thaao Phenglis (Andre and Tony DiMera), Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera), Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) and Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) were on the extension of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. I’ll have both the screencaps and the clip up after this post. The appearance was in celebration of DAYS OF OUR LIVES 50th Anniversary next month and to promote the Greg Meng book Days of our Lives 50 Years.

  • [274] SCREENCAPS: DAYS OF OUR LIVES 10/27/2015

Didn’t take long for Jill Farren Phelps to fire Genie Francis as Genevieve on the show, now comes word Stephen has been let go as Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. In the wake of this comes rumors of Stephen’s return to either DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Steve Johnson or GENERAL HOSPITAL as Stefan Cassadine. The most likely place might be GH since new executive producer Frank Valentini has said a huge Cassadine storyline is being planned. Wherever Stephen ends up I might consider resuming updates to this site. My main reason for abandoning it has to do with the negative response I received from Stephen’s ‘people’. Namely: His fan club president and official website owner. The fact they believed I said something I didn’t and treated me so shabbily didn’t help either. I would have thought as this is the only fan run website on the web dedicated to Stephen, I’d have hoped for a little bit more of a positive response. I also lost interest in Stephen’s storyline on Y&R. It’s a little difficult to enjoy something when the show is so boring and the storyline is really bad. While I’m sad to hear of Stephen’s leaving, I’m hoping he moves on to something that will utilize his talents better. If that be either Steve or Stefan, so be it. No word yet on Stephen’s final airdate though it’ll likely be sometime in 2013 considering Y&R‘s taping schedule.

While perusing the various Y&R message boards, I came across this that just about made me spit my tea out at my computer…not a good thing since it’s going into the shop to get repaired on Monday. But I digress….. Someone named LilKittenpaws on the IMDB board seems to have her information on Stephen in error. Let’s take a look at what she said… More below the cut.

SN lasted about 5 years on DOOL and for most of the time he was part of a popular couple, not male lead of the show. (I guess he was so popular he was fired? 5 years is not a long run on a soap) He was at GH for about six years after that,and he was part of a wealthy criminal family but not a power player, and not even close to male lead of the show.(And again, so popular- fired again) Then DOOL rehired him and his love interest to give it another try. It fizzled pretty quick, they were let go,(yet once again) after a couple years.

Tucker was originally written to be a wealthy business power player, SN has never played that, and he doesn’t have the bigger than life presence to pull it off. I notice they have tweaked the role to have him sneaky instead, working his business dealings through others. He doesn’t confront the men power players face to face. If he’s in an angry confrontation it’s written with a woman. And even with the women his voice doesn’t project enough power so he must shout at them, which backfires because his ranting looks like he can’t control himself.

Can the writers put Tucker face to face in confrontation with Victor, Adam, or Nick? Sure, but he will look weak. They can write the script to have Tucker overpower every guy in town but it would come off as comedy. Even the thought of the other men characters shaking in their boots over Tucker’s threats or business dealings makes me laugh.

Original link: [ HERE ]

She further states in another post:

We don’t really need a Tucker character. He’s too similar to Victor and we have more than enough Victor. Two old man egotistical Victor-types fighting, two old guy egotistical Victor-types that must win every business deal in town. Who cares? BORING! The woman need to be in the business picture and the younger men need to be developed. The only reason Y&R needs older male characters is to pair with it older veteran female characters.

Ashley can easily be paired with a younger man, she doesn’t need a guy a decade older. He’s unsuitable for Jill (Not Tucker, SN too short/small-framed). Nikki has the male-chauvinist man in Victor, why would she want to be with another that she has no family with? She chooses victor opposites if not with Victor.(Plus SN is small next to her size wise too) Can’t see him with Gloria. And he’s a good 15 years older than Phyllis. I don’t think she would accept him anyway, as a leading lady of the show they would bring in a hot young stub for her (and us) to enjoy.

Original Post: [ HERE ]

How does one counter such idiocy? It boggles my mind. Tucker is not a copy of Victor (Eric Braeden). Not in any shape, form or description. And to say that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) shouldn’t be paired with a man almost a decade older…. That just smacks of all kinds of stupid. What Ms. LilKittenpaws fails to note is that Tucker is the son of a legacy character in Katherine (Jeanne Cooper). So because Stephen is what could be considered ‘short’ (he’s 5′ 11″) he shouldn’t be paired with women who are…also short or tall….? Would mean that Sonny and Cher were all kinds of wrong. Or should I mention Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? Then there is the obvious misinformation she cites about Stephen’s tenure on both DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GENERAL HOSPITAL. She says that Stephen was fired from DOOL the first time around. We all know Stephen was itching to try something new and chose to leave on his own accord. As far as GH is concerned, we all know what happened when the Phelps/Frons/Guza regime came in. Honestly, this person comes off as a snotty 13-year-old whose parents wouldn’t let her on the Justin Beiber board. Any comments to enlighten this person.

An extra edition in conjunction with today’s eppy of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. I was able to get ahold of two interviews Stephen did on the soon-to-be defunct SOAP NET network’s talk show SOAP TALK with Lisa Rinna (ex, Billie Reed-DOOL) and Ty Treadway. In both, Stephen is very charming and lively in discussing his early time in getting into the ‘biz’, plus his influances, and his short film GET THE DIME, his first time in the director’s chair. I’m afraid the quality of the screencaps aren’t up to my liking, but the source wasn’t all that great to begin with. Both were likely a VCR-to-DVD conversion, and a lot of the time the quality gets mashed. But they’re not too bad and you get a good look at this man who seems to be a Dorian Gray of sorts. I’d like to know where that portrait of his is, because he hasn’t aged a bit in the last five years.

  • [ 650 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/02/2005 – SOAP TALK
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 02/02/2005 – SOAP TALK
  • [ 769 ] SCREENCAPS: 06/30/2003 – SOAP TALK
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 06/30/2003 – SOAP TALK

As you can see, I really got busy this weekend with screencapping some of Stephen’s other work on soaps. I have a website dedicated to Tamara Braun and because of that, I have a lot of clips of Tamara’s six month stint on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as the sexy siren Ava Vitali, a role that won her the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2008. But thanks to that, I have some of Stephen’s work during the time. I don’t have all of Stephen’s airtime during that time because I only recorded Tamara’s airdates. I did start to record all of Stephen’s work at that point due to a botched attempt at another website I was planning for Stephen, so I am sorry I don’t have all of his dates, but what I do have, will be included here. I have some feelers out in trying to obtain some of Stephen’s other work during his return from 2006-2009 and I’m hoping they pan out. However, until such time, please feel free to view the caps I do have. I’m planning on clipping up his episodes from the original recorded versions I have saved on an external harddrive and put them up at RENEGADE MEDIA. When I have them done I will post. At this time though, I know I’m going to piss off a whole host of Steve and Kayla fans with the inclusion of a lot of caps of Steve with Ava. All I can say is…live with it! I loved the chemistry between Tamara and Stephen and wished they’d been paired on GENERAL HOSPITAL when they were there as Stefan Cassadine and Carly Corinthos, however, the soap gods were kind to me and paired them on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Ava and Steve. Due to the consternation of the Steve and Kayla fans and some behind-the-scenes machinations, that pairing was cut short and I was deprived of my couple. So I indulged myself on my Tamara site with copious cappies [ TAMARA OBSCURA DOOL SCREENCAP GALLERY ] of my couple. I plan to do the same here. As I said, if you’re a Steve and Kayla fan, as I know most are, I’m sorry. Tamara and Stephen were just too hot to ignore. And I still feel deprived, and this is my site afterall….mine, mine, mine. If it seems as if I’m being petulant, I am. I’ll be posting an interview with Stephen and Tamara soon. Stay tuned.

  • [ 115 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/08/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 224 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/11/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 746 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/22/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 883 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/25/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 869 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/26/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 396 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/27/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 185 ] SCREENCAPS: 02/28/2008 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES