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a website dedicated to American actor/writer/director/producer Stephen Nichols. Best known for his varied roles on daytime television, Stephen has just returned to his iconic role of Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson on the daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Stephen also played the parts of uber-tychoon Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as The Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dr. Skylar Cates on the cancelled SANTA BARBARA. Stephen has also appeared in films and in episodic television such as CRASH, THE NANNY, EMPTY NEST, SECOND CHANCES, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, RENEGADE, WITCHBOARD, & THE PHOENIX. This is strictly a fan site and NOT Stephen's official site. This site has a strict no paparazzi policy and will not publish photos of Stephen during his private time.

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STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE @ is a website dedicated to the work of American actor Stephen Nichols. I am in no way affiliated with his person, his management, nor his family. All content, except otherwise noted, is copyrighted to their original owners and no infringement is intended and no rights implied. Content contained within are subject to fair use and used here either in whole or in part as a commentary on the work and career of Stephen Nichols.

As you can see I’ve uploaded a new layout. Can’t say it wasn’t time. I hope you like the improved look of both the main site and gallery. I know I do. It looks cleaner and a little more streamlined. I’ll soon be adding some more event images I’ve come across of Stephen and some new photoshoots. I’ve also some oldies but goodies in terms of some stills from Stephen in DAYS OF OUR LIVES golden age with Steve and Kayla. So all in all hopefully there’s a turn-a-round for this site. I also want to point out a new policy on this site. I have instituted a new NO PAPARAZZI policy in terms of there will absolutely be no images of Stephen posted where he is enjoying private time with his family or engaging in his every day life. What that entails is if Stephen is at an airport, eating lunch in a restaurant, taking a walk with one of his kids, or his wife, those types of images and anything that might be considered gossip will be strictly excluded from this site. That material is not for us to know and for Stephen to keep private. So anyone wanting those types of images or rumors, get used to disappointment. You won’t find it here. Once more I want to make it clear, this is NOT Stephen’s official site. All links to Stephen’s official site and social media accounts can be found in the sidebar under OFFICIAL NICHOLS. So anyone thinking this is Stephen’s official site, read the disclaimer and also read this post. So anyone from his “team” thinking I’m talking smack, remember this IS a fan site. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was set up with the intention to bring Stephen’s fans regular updates in terms of screencaps and other goodies not included in any official capacity. One thing also, I know there are Steve and Kayla fans from way back. I included myself in that group, however, I’m going on record as saying I’m officially a Steve and Ava fan, having enjoyed the chemistry between Stephen and his DOOL & GH co-star Tamara Braun. While I am respectful of the Steve and Kayla fans, please be respectful of my love for Steve and Ava. While I adore Mary Beth Evans, I love Tamara Braun more. So those are the facts. I’m also in the process of setting up a new media archive for the site. For anyone wanting to know what happened to the old site, please feel free to read this article. The archive will also be including Stephen’s GH co-star Ted King who played the parts of twins Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar. The reason for this is both expediency and for the purpose of perhaps introducing the work of both actors to a wider audience. So that’s it for now. Thanks for visiting and for being a fan of the site and of Stephen. It’s a pleasure to serve you.

Fair warning, what I’m about to say will likely tick off some or reaffirm what I and they already know about this convoluted and ridiculous tripe passing for story on Y&R. The story that Stephen came to play has taken a sharp 90° turn in the last two weeks. I’ll attempt to list my main grievances.

  1. Tucker suddenly has a secret son: When did this happen? Everything that’s been written about him onscreen has been scarce, but the one thing I never got from the character is that he ever had any children. The lifestyle of the man wouldn’t have lent itself to that possibility, no matter how much it was a one night stand or any other thing that might have brought one about. This to me is a contrivance and not needed to keep Tucker interesting.
  2. Tucker putting Katherine in charge in the event of his incapacitation: Problem with this one, there’s a conflict of interest considering she is close friends with Victor Newman whose company Tucker McCall Unlimited is trying to acquire.
  3. Katherine not allowing Ashley access to Tucker: Why is this an issue? Doesn’t matter if Ashley was arrested on suspicion of murder or not, she is still Tucker’s fiancée and Katherine has no right to keep her away from Tucker.
  4. Katherine firing Ashley: I know this hasn’t happened yet in terms of the US viewing, however, I’m going to spoil it here. Katherine fires Ashley from Jabot. What is what with that? Simple, given that Ashley has never shown anything that could even be construed as being a ‘danger’ to Tucker, Kay’s feelings are unwarranted.
  5. Tucker’s hospital room has become Grand Central Station: It seems that anyone and their brother can enter and leave Tucker’s room at will. Colin, Jill, Katherine, Abby, Ashley, Neil, Sophia, Malcolm, Victor and Jack. Whatever happened to only two visitors per patient? Real world expectations to be followed by a soap opera I know…stupid me.
  6. Katherine has no legal right to a say in Tucker’s care or issues: Why is this important? For the simple fact that instead of bringing on an aforementioned secret child, how about bringing on Tucker’s adoptive parents? The way that soaps tread adoption is just sickening. Oh wait, unless you’re Lucy “Blackmarket” Abbott, you’re considered a different being. I have no idea why soaps have chosen to do this. They laude biology over adoption as if it’s a dirty word. As I said, why not have brought on Tucker’s adoptive…no, parents and have them clash with what Kay wants and for a change, Kay has to stand back and watch as she’s kept from the ‘bastard’ she gave up. Heck I’d even take a brother or sister, just not give Katherine control over Tucker McCall Unlimited.
  7. Tucker’s lawyer opening Tucker’s will: Tucker’s lawyer opened Tucker’s will! What’s wrong with that picture? Legally no will can be opened until the death of the person who wrote it and until it is probated, which in normal speak means published, only then can the conditions be executed for the person who drew it up. Tucker should fire his lawyer post haste upon waking up since he did something illegal.
  8. Tucker’s DNR (do not resuccitate) order: Why is this important? Because, Katherine as supposedly his next of kin went to court to get Tucker’s respirator reattached in clear disregard for Tucker’s wishes. Customary the DNR order also covers feeding tubes as they are almost always linked together in the person’s wishes to not have any exigent matters taken to extend life in the case of permanent incapacitation.


  9. Don’t hire Stephen Nichols and keep him backburnered for so long then used as a prop to bolster other storylines, and do not keep him sidelined lying in a bed unable to do what he does best.

A lot of nitpicking I know, but valid. Stephen deserves more than he’s gotten. With the addition of Genie Francis as Cane’s long-lost mom, I’m hoping there is no plans to derail Tucker and Ashley, one of this show’s major bright spots. Considering though that that for the most part he’s been kept as a propper instead of propelling his own stories…. Well, you do the math.

Updates are as follows:

  • [ 149 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/19/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/19/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 210 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/20/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/20/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 121 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/23/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/23/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

May 18, 2011

I’m going to open this post with a commentary on something that has been irking me for the past week, and since this is my site and space, I thought I’d take this time to say it. I am a regular poster at the Soapcentral Y&R Board and I posted something I found in one of the latest editions of SOAP OPERA WEEKLY magazine. It had something to do with Tucker’s accident at Abby’s hand and that Stephen was supposedly out as Tucker. It seems I forgot a question mark instead of the exclamation mark I posted. I was told that I needlessly upset the whole whack of Stephen’s fans with the possibility he might have been let go by the soap. I was also accused of saying things that weren’t true here and on my other sites by someone I will not mention. This goes back to when I was also accused of saying that this was Stephen’s official site and I was his official webmaster, something that anyone who does visit my site knows very well I would never do nor have I ever claimed such. As for the post I made to SoapCentral, given the way Emily O’Brien (Jana Fisher) was treated I suspected this might have been the same with Stephen and Tucker. His screentime has been very sporadic at best and up until May Sweeps, nearly reduced to one or two episodes per week and or propping others. This was one of the reasons I posted what I did. However, a certain group of people took it upon themselves to excoriate me like I’m a six-year-old instead of talking to me as an adult-to-adult. This was unnecessary. RENEGADE: STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE and RENEGADE MEDIA are the only sites online that is a fansite dedication to Stephen and one would hope that might give some pause for thought. I have unique content and good content, I pay for my webhosting and materials and do all my own capping, clipping, uploading and posting. Donations are on a voluntary basis only. I would hope that as a professional curtosey I would receive some appreciation for all the work I’ve put into this site. I’ve been a fan of Stephen’s for a good twenty five years ever since his debut on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Steve “Patch” Johnson. I would hope that would mean something. I’ve been respectful of these people and only said something to defend myself from those who ‘called me out’ on something that was petty and would have been done with through an email through this site and in private. You know, that professional curtosey and the benefit of the doubt?

Yours, Dianne

I know there’s been a serious lack of updates for Stephen’s episodes for May. And for that, I’m truly sorry. I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on in my life plus Tamara Braun, Stephen’s former DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-star who played Ava Vitali, has returned to DOOL to play the recast character of Taylor Raines Walker. I also have Stephen’s former GENERAL HOSPITAL co-star Ted King work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and so far, not enough time. I’m hoping to make things a lot more streamlined so that I can get everything up on the day.

Could someone please kill Abby for me? Seriously. Someone over at SOAPZONE posted a main thread about Tucker and how he’s been treated and I had this to add:

At this stage, I really don’t see a need to have the ONS with Diane come out. What would it serve? Why not allow Ashley and Tucker to get married and let live? I’m tired of Abby and her antics. She should check her own behaviour before she rags on others for theirs. She’s stripped how many times now in public? And let’s not forget she did it right in front of her father and step-siblings. Should Tucker really fear Abby or whatever she might. reveal to Ashley? I think not. She even tried to come onto Tucker. He showed her the door. Tucker is really above reproach at this stage. He loves Ashley and unlike ones like Nick, Victor and Jack, Tucker is a stand up guy. In business he’s a whip. That he has told Ashley what and who he is and she’s accepted that should show us how she will accept the revelation of the Diane ONS. I really think that Ashley won’t care. It was, afterall, just a one night stand at a time when Tucker was having a crisis surrounding Kay’s ill-treatment of him. Does it matter since he’s been totally dedicated to Ashley. To me Tucker McCall is better than any of the other men in Genoa City. Is he perfect? Nope…never said he was. But the one thing that Tucker has over the other men is that he’s been honest to Ashley, dedicated, loving. These are all the attributes I love about Tucker. As for that ONS…I can and do dismiss it. No need to bring it up. Where Tucker is as of this moment, it really doesn’t matter.

That’s all I have to say ……

  • [ 1067 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/03/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 0001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/03/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 0837 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/04/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 0001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/04/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 0001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/09/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS PREVIEW
  • [ 0677 ] SCREENCAPS: 05/09/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
  • [ 0001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 05/09/2011 – THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

While perusing the various Y&R message boards, I came across this that just about made me spit my tea out at my computer…not a good thing since it’s going into the shop to get repaired on Monday. But I digress….. Someone named LilKittenpaws on the IMDB board seems to have her information on Stephen in error. Let’s take a look at what she said… More below the cut.

SN lasted about 5 years on DOOL and for most of the time he was part of a popular couple, not male lead of the show. (I guess he was so popular he was fired? 5 years is not a long run on a soap) He was at GH for about six years after that,and he was part of a wealthy criminal family but not a power player, and not even close to male lead of the show.(And again, so popular- fired again) Then DOOL rehired him and his love interest to give it another try. It fizzled pretty quick, they were let go,(yet once again) after a couple years.

Tucker was originally written to be a wealthy business power player, SN has never played that, and he doesn’t have the bigger than life presence to pull it off. I notice they have tweaked the role to have him sneaky instead, working his business dealings through others. He doesn’t confront the men power players face to face. If he’s in an angry confrontation it’s written with a woman. And even with the women his voice doesn’t project enough power so he must shout at them, which backfires because his ranting looks like he can’t control himself.

Can the writers put Tucker face to face in confrontation with Victor, Adam, or Nick? Sure, but he will look weak. They can write the script to have Tucker overpower every guy in town but it would come off as comedy. Even the thought of the other men characters shaking in their boots over Tucker’s threats or business dealings makes me laugh.

Original link: [ HERE ]

She further states in another post:

We don’t really need a Tucker character. He’s too similar to Victor and we have more than enough Victor. Two old man egotistical Victor-types fighting, two old guy egotistical Victor-types that must win every business deal in town. Who cares? BORING! The woman need to be in the business picture and the younger men need to be developed. The only reason Y&R needs older male characters is to pair with it older veteran female characters.

Ashley can easily be paired with a younger man, she doesn’t need a guy a decade older. He’s unsuitable for Jill (Not Tucker, SN too short/small-framed). Nikki has the male-chauvinist man in Victor, why would she want to be with another that she has no family with? She chooses victor opposites if not with Victor.(Plus SN is small next to her size wise too) Can’t see him with Gloria. And he’s a good 15 years older than Phyllis. I don’t think she would accept him anyway, as a leading lady of the show they would bring in a hot young stub for her (and us) to enjoy.

Original Post: [ HERE ]

How does one counter such idiocy? It boggles my mind. Tucker is not a copy of Victor (Eric Braeden). Not in any shape, form or description. And to say that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) shouldn’t be paired with a man almost a decade older…. That just smacks of all kinds of stupid. What Ms. LilKittenpaws fails to note is that Tucker is the son of a legacy character in Katherine (Jeanne Cooper). So because Stephen is what could be considered ‘short’ (he’s 5′ 11″) he shouldn’t be paired with women who are…also short or tall….? Would mean that Sonny and Cher were all kinds of wrong. Or should I mention Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? Then there is the obvious misinformation she cites about Stephen’s tenure on both DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GENERAL HOSPITAL. She says that Stephen was fired from DOOL the first time around. We all know Stephen was itching to try something new and chose to leave on his own accord. As far as GH is concerned, we all know what happened when the Phelps/Frons/Guza regime came in. Honestly, this person comes off as a snotty 13-year-old whose parents wouldn’t let her on the Justin Beiber board. Any comments to enlighten this person.

I know there hasn’t been any major updates since I think December of last year. I don’t know if I have any visitors left, but there’s been some issues I’ve been dealing with behind the scenes regarding this website that have caused me to take a long pause due to some things I’m deciding and some major technical issues that cropped up and didn’t get resolved until earlier today.

I was finally able to get RENEGADE MEDIA back up and running. Back about the end of December going into the New Year, I was contacted by my media hostsite and informed their servers had been hacked in a major way. They were scrambling to try to get back their clients’ accounts … and mine was one of them. I have about five or six other media sites on that account other than RENEGADE MEDIA. They are:

  • OBSCURE MEDIA — the home site and dedicated to Tamara Braun
  • THE PORTAL MEDIA — media site dedicated to Ted King
  • ARTISAN MEDIA — media site dedicated to The X-Files star Mitch Pileggi
  • DNA MEDIA — media site dedicated to former Law & Order: SVU actors Diane Neal and Adam Beach
  • SOLITON MEDIA — media site dedicated to actors Nick Chinlund, Christopher Meloni and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • …. and many more

All of those sites were affected and none were working as what could be called, normal. I had coding and other substantial issues I was dealing with that were severely screwed up. I needed to take the time to focus on those issues. They all seem to be fixed on all sites…fortunately. Fingers crossed, nothing else crops up because if they do, I’m going to commit some kind of act of egregious harm on some do-nothing idiots at a certain media hosting company. In other words, their tech people were no help. I had to seek assistance from another place and do some of my own troubleshooting. So that is what has been going on with that.

Another issue that has cropped up is my health. I had a really bad flu during the Christmas Holidays that didn’t seem to resolve itself and carried on into the New Year. About two weeks ago I started out with a really sore throat and last week it culminated in my partner having to take me to the hospital because I could not eat or drink anything. In essence, I was in crisis. Six hours later and some five or six bags of fluids, anti-inflammatories and other things, I was able to come home. I was on a course of pain killers and antibiotics that sort of put me down for the better part of this week. I’m back to almost full health and back at work, which is why I was eager to get back to work on the technical issues with the media sites I had.

Lastly, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this site. Given all the issues I’ve had regarding misrepresentation and other things, I’ve been a little shy to do anything lest I offend someone. Now what I’m considering is either deleting the site entirely which would break my heart considering the amount of time and money I’ve put into it. So here’s what I’m considering but I need feedback from YOU. I’m considering buying a domain and moving it off the subdomain of and to it’s very own address. Problem? I’d need donations to keep that site going, otherwise, I’ll have to keep it on the subdomain. Also, my workload has fourpled (not a word I know). Over the past week it was reported that Tamara Braun will be returning to daytime and to her former soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES as the recast for the character of Taylor Walker or Raines. Along with my regular media and screencaps for actor Ted King in his new role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE as the mysterious Tomas and Mitch Pileggi who is recurring on the CW’s SUPERNATURAL and FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY, I’m going to have to prioritize. I’m going to be making Tamara and Mitch my main sites and Ted and Stephen’s my secondary sites. If I don’t get to the updates for this site on the day, it’ll be the day after. But they will be made. It’s just if I get a day when Tamara, Ted and Stephen are on, I’m going to have to really decide what will take precedence. But I will get Stephen’s media up.

So that is the dish. Following this epistle, I’ll be posting only the locations to where you can find the relevant media and screencaps. I won’t be posting the individual dates, but the master location where you can find them. Without further delays…..


Click on the relative links to get to the areas. Enjoy.

Best of wishes, Dianne

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, but with the issue I had with RENEGADE MEDIA I’ve been knocking my head against a brick wall with my video hosting company to get things back up and running, I sort of lost interest in all updates…including screencaps. I’m currently in contact with my video host and they are saying that things should be back up and running by the weekend. I have my fingers crossed to the point of bleeding. I’m going to try to get all Stephen’s recent episodes done up and added for Monday.

Over the Christmas holidays, I was thinking about what to do about this site, given all the hassles I’ve had of late with those at Stephen’s Official Site and other things, I’ve decided to go ahead tentatively. Which means I’ll still be doing up Stephen’s episodes of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in screencap and video form, as well as any new events he’s attended, and any press articles I’ve scanned. I’ve noticed there isn’t any other site up on the internet that has the content I do and I hate to deprive Stephen’s fans of that. The thing I cannot understand about all of this is how all the ugliness started. Stephen is such a nice guy and I cannot believe that there could be this much jealousy surrounding him. We should all be happy to celebrate him and the spirit of him. That’s how I feel at least.

Here’s to 2011.

Yours, Dianne

December 27, 2010

I know I haven’t gotten Stephen’s last few appearances up on Y&R and I’m sorry for that. Over the past few days during the Christmas Holidays, I’ve been deciding whether to continue with this site. I’ve been accused of saying that I was Stephen’s official site, something of which I’ve never done, but the taint is there. I love what I’ve built here and what I still have as yet to add but being more or less told time and time again that this site isn’t ‘worth it’ due to many things that have happened the last couple of months is making me wonder if there is a place here for this site. I’ve paid a lot for my resources including pictures and articles and being accused of something I haven’t done just sort of….well, leaves a bitter taste. Not for Stephen, but for those who have accused me. And I haven’t even received an apology. I know how that all sounds, but for me it’s all about the reasons I put this site up to begin with. It was to celebrate Stephen’s career and his projects, never to be competition. Never. And to Sherry at Stephen’s official site, there was never a time when I ever called this site Stephen’s official site. Even on the many message boards I’ve posted to regarding Stephen, I have always directed fans to Stephen’s official site and included mine as a companion FAN site and only that. And nowhere on the web will you ever find I have.

If you have some feedback as to why I should keep this site online and I’ll make the final decision in the new year. For the time being, I’ll work to get up the last little bit of Stephen for 2010 into the gallery and the media section. Sorry for the delay on that.

Yours, Dianne

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